Sexy Star Trek babe Jolene Blalock is one of the most beautiful to grace the show in my opinion. While I’m not the biggest fan of the series I do enjoy the eye candy. She always made that uniform work too if you know what I mean. She’s got the body to really fill it out!

Jolene Blalock blowjob

There were a a whole slew of Jolene Blalock fakes at Celeb Defamer including tonnes of her naked. I liked the porn style ones of her engaged in sex the most and have got two of those to show here today. Mmmm imagine getting a hot blowjob from this famous hottie!

Jolene Blalock sex

As always we have to resize them down to fit here. You can see the full resolution images as well as many more of Jolene by becoming a member of Celeb Defamer. Of course this also gets you access to fakes of just about any female celebrity you can name.

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