I remember being madly in love with actress Markie Post when I was a young lad. I loved her and even had a poster of her in a bikini cladding my wall and would watch her in Night Court all the time. It made me feel very old when I noticed she is turning 60 later this year! I tell you she is still an amazingly hot looking woman for her age. She has always had very sexy legs and I love her smile. An all round hottie that I would have killed to see uncovered if you know what I mean.

Markie Post nude

Markie Post uncovered

After feeling all nostalgic I decided to see what sort of hot pics I could find of Markie. I was not after oops or bikini pictures though. I wanted some of her naked and I knew the only place I was gonna find them was the celebrity fakes site Celeb Defamer. I found quite a few and here are my pick of the bunch. The first finally shows Markie Post nude showing off those lovely breasts I remember fantasizing about for so long. The second is more explicit with the uber MILF riding a big dick and enjoying it quite a lot judging by the expression on her face.

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