The sexy star of House M.D. Lisa Edelstein is an actress I have wanted to see naked since that show started. There is something incredibly sexy about this older women. She has a very sensuous look and from the rare glimpse of her in anything figure hugging she has got quite a nice body hiding under that doctors uniform.

Lisa Edelstein nude

A quick search of google images for any sort of revealing photos of Lisa will lead in bitter disappointment. I was hoping to see her completely nude but found absolutely nothing. As always when you want too see an actress naked who never has posed naked you have to rely on celebrity fakes like these.

Lisa Edelstein sex

I got both of these from the Celeb Defamer site. They had a lot more of Lisa but these were my two favorites of the bunch. You can see the rest of them in full size by joining their site. Of course you will then also be able to see thousands more famous women like you never dreamed of seeing them.

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