I didn’t initially recognize the name Kate Mara when I saw it while browsing the new fakes at Celeb Defamer this morning. I almost was gonna skip clicking that link but I’m glad I didn’t. Once I saw the pics I immediately recognized her as “the chick from Brokeback Mountain”.

Kate Mara nude

So Kate is a pretty little thing alright and I think I would give up red meat for a year to see her naked. I am almost positive you are not going to see this young starlet do a nude scene anytime soon sadly. She just ain’t the type. As always though the next best thing are fakes like these.

Kate Mara sexy

Celeb Defamer did a really good job on these two Kate Mara nude images I must say. Very believable and realistic looking. If you wanna see more HQ work like this I suggest you grab yourself a pass to their site and have all 230,000 plus of their fakes at your fingertips!

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