We all know Britney is a major hottie… well was when she was younger before she popped out kids and went tropo. I think her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears is much cuter though… they almost have a Kate and Pippa hot sister thing going on too. I found a fantastic nude picture that shows what a gorgeous looking girl she is. ‘This can’t be real!’ you bellow. Well, of course it is not real. I hardly think she is going to pose for picture while she is soaping up her delectable young body in the shower.

Jamie Lynn Spears nude

So this is a fake, but a very nice one at that. You can find more of these Jamie Lynn Spears fakes at Celeb Defamer, including plenty of her more famous big sister Britney as well as 1,000s of other sexy female celebs. At last count their members area had well over 250,000 images and they add shitloads more just about daily. If you like our site you will be in heaven at theirs!

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