I was thinking earlier, that we see very little of actress Christina Ricci these days. Her career seems to have done a nose dive since she stared in Speedracer. Tis a shame because I have always though she was an excellent actress… then again they don’t make great movies lately so good roles are few and far between I guess.

Christina Ricci nude

Anyway, enough of my views on modern cinema. Lets get down to looking at some nude photos of the quirky actress. She has done brief nudity in a film or two and she is certainly a sight to behold topless! These are much more explicit and… ah… thought provoking.

Christina Ricci fake

I found a whole collection of Christina Ricci nude photos at Fake Fantasy. We have resized them to fit here but larger versions are available for members of their sight. They have images like this of 1,000s of actresses, television presenters, pop stars, sexy athletes and more.

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