I thought that Anna Kendrick was so cute when I saw her in Up In The Air. I didn’t realize she was in Twilight at first. I found myself thinking about this brunette honey all the way home from the cinema. I am sure I was not alone in that as I overheard a couple of younger guys sitting in front of me saying how fine she was.

Anna Kendrick nude

Anyway I started looking for some sexy pictures of the young actress and didn’t really find much besides a few relatively tame bikini shots. I mean they were nice and all but I sure as well was hoping for a little more skin.

Anna Kendrick naked

I knew there would be fakes of her at Celeb Defamer, so I went there after google failed me. They have some really hot ones of her and I picked out these two as my favorites. What do you think? Pretty damn hot if you ask me. As always you can find loads more in higher resolution at their site.

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