We seem to be posting a lot of hot Canadian actresses of late for some reason. They do produce some fine looking women and this lady is certainly one of them. Yes it’s AJ Cook star of Criminal Minds who falls under the spotlight today. I like the show and would watch it regardless of whether she was in it but it sure doesn’t hurt having this gorgeous looking woman to gawk at.

AJ Cook nude

AJ Cook fake

I wasn’t all that hopeful about finding any AJ Cook nude photos so I wasn’t too surprised when I could not locate any. I doubt you will see an actress like her do much nudity in her career. Well, that’s a shame but we always have the world of celebrity fakes to turn to. Check out these two hot ones i found of AJ when I searched her name at Celeb Defamer earlier. These are just the tip of the iceberg too. They have around a quarter of a million fakes of all sorts of female celebrities!

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