I am a bit of late discoverer of the beautiful Monica Bellucci. The first time I ever really noticed her was in the The Matrix. I was struck, like many, by her exquisitely beautiful face and of course those big tits! The Italian actress is seriously sexy. I will now watch any movie she is in no matter how rubbish it looks simply to admire her voluptuous figure.

Monica Bellucci nuda

Monica Bellucci topless

I have long been looking to see Monica Bellucci nuda. I didn’t find any real pictures of her naked but I did discover a whole lot of nude fakes of her at Celeb Defamer. There are some really hot ones too. Check out these two sample pics from their collection of Monica Bellucci fakes and enjoy the sight of the sexiest Italian celebrity completely naked. Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to jerk off to those big tits!!

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