They don’t come any hotter than actress and super model Megan Fox. I, like millions of other guys, have long been waiting to see her do nude photos. Well I have good news and bad news. The good news? Check out the images below of Megan Fox naked. What a luscious body the tall, leggy model has huh?

Megan Fox naked

What’s the bad news you ask? Well, these pictures aren’t real of course. They are celebrity fakes from the Celeb Defamer site. Many guys hate on these fakes but I don’t understand why. Let’s face facts you are never ever going to see the vast majority of celebrities nude let alone see sex tapes or alike. So the ONLY way to see your celebrity crush naked is via these faked images. I love them to be honest. Just let your imagination run wild and they are an awesome fantasy tool for your masturbatorial delight hah!

Megan Fox nude

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