There is something very very sexy about news host Katie Couric. She has some of the sexiest legs around and I have been looking at them for years. It’s kind of fun to tune in each day and check out how short of a skirt she is wearing or maybe if she is wearing pantyhose. A great set of gams like hers is an erotic sight when she sits with crossed legs in a short skirt.

Katie Couric naked

Of course I would love to see a lot more of this gorgeous womans luscious looking body. I think she has only gotten more sexy with age too. She is a prime example of a famous woman you are never gonna see naked. Shit you’d be doing well to find any revealing photos of her at all. This makes her perfect material for celebrity fakes!

Katie Couric fakes

I really love these two Katie Couric fakes I got from Celeb Defamer. We see her get naked and stick her metal dildo deep inside that furry muff in the first pic. The other is my personal fav with Katie getting her pretty face surrounded by cocks as they unload on her! Visit their site to see a lot more and in full size!

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