I tell as a horny teenage boy watching Married With Children was like watching softcore porn. It had one hell of hot mom and daughter combination in the form of Peggy Bundy and Kelly Bundy. While most guys probably were more interested in Christina Applegate I was way more into Katey Sagal and her awesome tits. It’s too bad they didn’t dress her in some of those super short and tight skirts they had Kelly wear… now that would have been a sweet view!

Katey Sagal fake

One of my first experiences with celebrity fakes was actually some I found of Katey Sagal a few years ago when I googled for nude photos of her. I wanted to see her big boobs and soon found out the only way I could was via faked pics like this one. Ever since then I have been a fan of the fake. If no real nudes exist for a celebrity then why not get off on a nicely done fake? That’s how I see it anyway.

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