I have to admit to not knowing a whole lot about Karen Gillan but someone asked me to post some hot pics of her. On discovering she was that cute redhead from Doctor Who I thought why not. I found an impressive collection of nude fakes of her and these are a couple of my favorites. They’ve done a good job here matching the face to the body. That is just what I imagine her tits would look like.

Karen Gillan nude

Karen Gillan fake

There is quite a collection of these Karen Gillan fakes to be found at Celeb Defamer. Their members can download them all in full size and not the scaled down versions we post here. Their huge archive keeps growing as they add new fakes daily. At the moment it weighs in at over 250,000 images! Be sure to check them out if you like what we show here as they are the biggest and the best when it comes to these types of pics.

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