Still one of the most beautiful looking women in the world Charlize Theron really lights up a room. She has a unique look… must be the South African genes. A buddy of mine calls her ‘the thinking mans blonde bombshell” haha. I don’t know if I quite agree with that but I do see what he means.

Charlize Theron nude

Now we would all love nothing more than to hear of a new role for her that requires lots of nudity, but sadly that will more than likely not happen. Instead we have to rely on faked nude photos like these. The first one shows her looking stunningly hot and as naked as the day she was born.

Charlize Theron fakes

As for the other pic above – now that looks like fun. Imagine banging a A-list celebrity like that!

There are more of these Charlize Theron fakes at Celeb Dreamer. Join their site to see them all as well faked photos of many more Hollywood babes.

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