I’ve had a crush on Alyssa Milano since I was a kid. I remember watching Who’s The Boss every week and seeing my dream girl. Of course Alyssa has well and truly filled out since then and very nicely too I gotta say. If you’ve seen Embrace Of The Vampire you will know exactly what I mean.. she’s got lovely tits!

Alyssa Milano nude

Alyssa Milano fakes

She is smoking hot now and it’s too bad we don’t see much of her on TV since Charmed wrapped up. Ah well there’s always reruns and of course Alyssa Milano fakes like these from Celeb Defamer. Check out this gallery of Alyssa nude and naughty. These are just two of their many fakes of her I plucked out from their database. Members of their site can download them all in full size.

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