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Oh man I LOLed when I saw that there was a porn version of the classic sitcom The Golden Girls! It is not a TV show I expected to have an x-rated spoof but once I saw the cover I knew I wanted to see it. I started watching the movie and believe me you [...]

Most will remember pretty doe eyed Michelle Trachtenberg from her role as Willow in Buffy. I was never a massive fan of the show but did think she cute. She really got my attention in the awesome cult comedy Eurotrip Unrated. She looked gorgeous throughout that movie and the scene with her in the blue [...]

I got a chance to watch the latest porn parody out the other night. I had a few buddies over and I threw it on the big screen for a laugh while we had some beers and pizza before our weekly poker game. It was a big hit with everyone enjoying it. What am I [...]

I found some new Jennifer Aniston hard fakes of a somewhat different variety earlier today. I was having a look through the Celebs Dungeon website and these really caught my eye. The beautiful ex Friends star has never been seen like this before… unless you count the wet dreams of countless men and boys around [...]

My friend always refers to hot actress Zooey Deschanel as ‘Katy Perry with smaller boobs” ha. I can see why he says it. She does bear a bit of resemblance and she hasn’t got massive cans like Katy. I think she is a lot prettier to be honest and a lot more sexy. Why do [...]

Another blast from the past for you today. I noticed there was a hot porn parody of a sitcom I remember very fondly from the 90s – Who’s The Boss. Now this show introduced us to sexy Alyssa Milano and if that wasn’t enough I wanted to bang both her TV mom and granny too [...]

It’s not often that we dedicate more than one post to a celebrity but I think this will be sexy Natalie Portman’s third! I have to make an exception for her, after all she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. When I saw these x-rated sex pics of her with those [...]

We had a few interstate guests over the house this Christmas period. I knew one of the girls was a massive fan of The Office so I thought she would get a real kick out of this x-rated parody. I decided to surprise her and we put it on the big TV telling her it [...]

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