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Cute young English actress Carey Mulligan is todays featured celebrity. She may not be all that well known to most viewers outside of the UK but I am sure everyone is going to enjoy these nude photos of her anyway. I sure did! Both of these photos show her completely naked with her big boobs [...]

I’ve always found Lindsay Lohan to be mega annoying, but I have to admit she is hot in a skanky kind of way. Plus she has got an awesome pair of tits! She also knows how to keep in the headlines even when she is not making movies… hell even when she is in jail! [...]

When it comes to hot geeky looking girls you can’t go past comedic actress Tina Fey. There is just something so very sexy about her and she has a tonne of make fans who agree with me. She is most known for playing Liz Lemon on 30 Rock but a few years ago her parodies [...]

Hot star of The O.C Rachel Bilson is a hot little number. I love the show itself and it’s an added bonus to see this piece of eye candy each week. I know I am alone in that regard as we have had more than a couple of requests to post some nude photos of [...]

I have to admit I sometimes find myself looking at photos of LeAnn Rimes and trying to work out if I find her attractive or not. I think it’s those rather prominent eyebrows of hers that through me off. She has a sort of angular face too. One thing I am sure about however is [...]

You can’t say sexy blonde actress Kristen Bell hasn’t been busy the last half dozen years. She has been in a stack of television shows and films in that period and she always looks amazingly hot in every one. In fact I would go so far as to say she looks sexier each time I [...]

In the mood for a hot German celebrity? There is no shortage of them at the moment. One I have always fancied is the gorgeous Diane Kruger. This girl is just plain sexy. One look at her in the photos below should prove that. While these aren’t real pics they are very.. ah.. stimulating don’t [...]

Today we have a really pretty actress that I was surprised to find we had never featured. The gorgeous young lady in question is Ginnifer Goodwin who reminds me a lot of Katie Holmes lately… and that IS a good thing! She is most well known for playing the role of Margene Heffman on the [...]

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