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Someone asked me to post some of the nude photos of singer Adele a while ago and I forgot. I got a reminder and thought I’d pop these up before it slips my mind again. While she is not normally a celeb I think is overly hot I know she has a big pair of [...]

She’s not a household name but French actress and fashion model Clemence Poesy is well known to me and I am sure many other men around the world. She is a beautiful looking woman and it’s no surprise she used to model. She’s also an actress with a a few small roles and she stands [...]

I can’t get through a Susan Sarandon movie without getting horny as hell. I find her incredibly sexy for an older woman and those tits of hers drive me crazy. I found myself staring at her cleavage and just wanting to bury my face between those famous boobs. She has done topless and some nudity [...]

I was watching 2 Broke Girls last night and thinking just how bad and cheesy the writing (and acting) is on that sitcom. If it wasn’t for the fact that I get to see Kat Dennings and her massive boobs in a tight waitress outfit I wouldn’t even watch it! It also helps that co-star [...]

There aren’t many television sitcoms that are mainstream popular that I like these days. I usually prefer darker more edgy ones that aren’t all that successful. One exception to this is The Big Bang Theory. Of course it helps that it stars the gorgeous Kaley Cuoco, who I can’t get enough of. A while back [...]

I was thinking earlier, that we see very little of actress Christina Ricci these days. Her career seems to have done a nose dive since she stared in Speedracer. Tis a shame because I have always though she was an excellent actress… then again they don’t make great movies lately so good roles are few [...]

Not my favorite female popstar but we’ve gotten so many requests to post some nude pictures of Pink I decided today to give you some. The top image shows her with her famous pink hair freshly dyed. Wearing almost nothing she parks herself on that cock and just grinds. Well if the first pic didn’t [...]

I can’t understand why actress Laura Vandervoort is not more popular and getting more roles. She is an exceptionally beautiful looking woman wouldn’t you agree? I have seen her in a couple of things but haven’t seen her on the tube in a while. That doesn’t mean I don’t still check her out on the [...]

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