Celebrity Fakes

One of the most exquisitely beautiful actresses would have to be Liv Tyler. That maine of jet black hair and her huge blue eyes and pouty lips give her a classical beauty. Too bad she can;t act though haha! She was pretty terrible in films like The Hulk recently but damn she is so goddam [...]

Well it’s been a while since the sexiest tennis player ever stopped playing but I still love looking at the beautiful Russian babe Anna Kournikova. Sure she was over-rated as a player but damn she was nice to look at in her little tennis skirt and those low cut tops she was fond of. I [...]

They don’t come any hotter than actress and super model Megan Fox. I, like millions of other guys, have long been waiting to see her do nude photos. Well I have good news and bad news. The good news? Check out the images below of Megan Fox naked. What a luscious body the tall, leggy [...]

If you don’t know how Kate Garraway is she is a British television host. I was looking for some pictures of her wonderful cleavage that is not too shy about showing off and came across these awesome fakes, I love this picture below of Kate with her huge tits popping out of her top. Talk [...]

One of the sexiest TV sitcom moms of all time would have to be Patricia Heaton in my opinion. The Everyone Loves Raymond mommy has got a great natural everyday housewife sort of look going that I love. She’s also got an amazing rack. Man I have been wanting to see Patricia Heaton nude! They [...]

I have always had a thing for sexy little blonde babe Reese Witherspoon. Ever since seeing her in Freeway al those years ago. She’s got that sweet southern girl next door vibe going but she’s also got a body I would love to see naked. Why is it the most wholesome female celebrities are the [...]

Cute and sexy is how I would describe little Lacey Chabert. I have been a admirer of this Hollywood cutie since first seeing her in Party Of Five. She reminds me a little of JLH in her looks and a in that body. She doesn’t have the mega boobs that JLH has but they are [...]

I am a bit of late discoverer of the beautiful Monica Bellucci. The first time I ever really noticed her was in the The Matrix. I was struck, like many, by her exquisitely beautiful face and of course those big tits! The Italian actress is seriously sexy. I will now watch any movie she is [...]

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