Celebrity Fakes

It would seem every red blooded man remembers Elizabeth Banks most from her bath tub scene in the 40 Year Old Virgin. If your a real fan you probably know she has done other hot scenes in roles too. I really wish she got more roles so I can see more of her incredible body. [...]

I was just having my morning coffee when I came across these Jessie J fakes and thought they would make for a nice post. The dark haired British pop babe is always controversial and these pics are certainly attention grabbing! I know a lot of her male fans are just dying to see her naked. [...]

The original ‘big booty’ popstar Jennifer Lopez is back on NCH. Before it was mainstream cool to have big butt JLo was bringing the base with that big round Latin bubble butt of hers. I almost think she is single handedly responsible for all the chicks you see doing squats non-stop in the gym trying [...]

One of my favorite up and coming actresses Jennifer Lawrence is todays featured celebrity and what a sight for sore eyes she is. The pretty star become more popular after her role as Katniss in The Hunger Games recently but I was well aware of this beauty well before then. Here are some nice faked [...]

I am going to have to admit to knowing sweet fuck all about todays featured celeb except that she is very cute. Her name is Daniella Monet who I have found out stars as Trina Vega in the series Victorious. Not my kind of television from the looks of what I saw on YouTube, but [...]

Another up and coming young actress for you today in the form of Jennifer Stone. The pretty starlet hasn’t exactly stared in many shows I would watch but I think we will see some bigger roles for her in the future… hopefully some of which will require nudity! Here are a couple of faked nude [...]

Yet another one of these young female celebrities that is a bit of a jack of all trades (and master of none some might argue) is the gorgeous Ariana Grande. To be honest I haven’t seen much of her singing/dancing/acting but I’ve seen enough pictures of her to know she is a major babe. True, [...]

Still one of the most beautiful looking women in the world Charlize Theron really lights up a room. She has a unique look… must be the South African genes. A buddy of mine calls her ‘the thinking mans blonde bombshell” haha. I don’t know if I quite agree with that but I do see what [...]

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